Dr. Tom Hill has spent his life in the pursuit of success. Unlike many who typically measure success by only one metric, most often financially, Dr. Hill measures success across six areas. His experience shows these areas provide the most complete assessment of an individual. Those six areas are Spiritual, Health/Wellness, Relationships, Intellectual, Emotional, and Financial.

Having enjoyed significant success in each of these areas himself, Dr. Hill is committed to sharing his experience, knowledge, insights and wisdom with the world. His stated mission is to inspire the world, one person at a time. By so doing, it is his life’s goal to touch one million lives.

Hill’s Angels (Tom’s Coaching program) was the first tool created to help reach that goal. Tom has coached hundreds over the years with his devotion to big dream goal setting, a unique networking approach, and inspiring his clients to plan in 18 month ‘growth curve’ segments, culminating in a Six Year Perfect World vision of the future.

A hallmark of Dr. Tom Hill is his commitment to connecting individuals who can be of help to each other. Over his years in education and business, including speaking engagements across the globe, Tom has amassed a powerful collection of friends and colleagues. Regardless of the topic, if a Hill’s Angel has a need or a goal, they’ll hear Tom Hill say “Reach out to this person, they’ll be a great resource for you.”

Added to Tom’s vast personal network is the combined networks of the entire Hill’s Angels community. Each member shares Tom’s desire to be of service – they are also quick to orchestrate beneficial connections.

Each individual Hill’s Angel has a one-on-one coaching relationship with Tom or one of his certified coaches, Brett Blair, Roger Hall, Brian Lunt and Mary Rechkemmer Meyer.  Hill's Angels Coaching is focused on six of life’s primary dimensions.

  • Spiritual
  • Health & Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Intellectual
  • Professional
  • Financial

Tom’s life mission is to inspire the world one person at a time and in doing so, touch one million lives.  The Eagle Summits are of one of his tools to accomplish this.

The Eagle Summit was founded in 1998 when Tom invited 12 people, including Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of Chicken Soup fame, to meet to discuss the idea of a “quantum mastermind group”.  The result was very favorable, so a pre-launch of the Eagle Summit was held in Los Angeles on November 1998.  Mark was at this meeting, and there were approximately 65 in attendance. Based on the positive feedback, it was decided to formally create the Eagle Summit (then called the Eagle Institute).

“One idea, well executed, can change your life forever."

― Tom Hill